Yogi treatments

Helping spiritually minded people to deeper connect with themselves and experience true joy, peace, and happiness.

Top Benefits You’ll Experience

When you are in the throes of your depression, relationship problems, anxiety, stress, chronic disease or pain etc., Yogi Treatments will help you to … 


… understand your situation and enable you to move from being the sufferer to becoming the witness.

Letting Go

… let go of blockages created in early childhood or carried over from previous lives.

Breathing space

… have some time-out from your issues and emerge with new energy, clarity and space. 

Deep Relaxation

… deeply relax your whole body, mind, emotions and ethereal dimensions.

Reduced healing time

… move through the guided healing process much quicker than if you were dealing with it on your own.

Pure Feelings of joy

… feel free, happy and full of joy, just like a child. You get closer to your true self.

Enjoy your life again!

Childhood conditioning, deep traumas or illusions are held in your body and over time manifest themselves as an illness. In the beginning you accepted the conditioning, trauma or illusion to avoid feeling the related pain. The new accepted restrictions are a less painful variation than the original cause and over time even feel “normal”.

Healing the cause of your problem, not just the symptom, is a holistic learning process. By understanding the cause of your problem, the illness is no longer just an issue of the body or mind. Instead it is a guide to deep contact with yourself, respectively to inner peace and happiness.

Yogi Treatments offer gentle ways to look at and understand the reason and meaning of your problem or illness from the heart. With understanding you can let go and relax. It is like a fist that has been held tightly for years, now opens without any effort.

Unlike other alternative treatments the Yogi therapies approach is to bring you in touch with the very cause of your issue so you can understand, let go and truly live a life full of bliss, peace, clarity, love, and happiness.

The offered treatments are based on the latest research, constantly updated, and taught by the Wagner Institut GmbH in Germany.
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Energy Stream Therapy

The Energy Stream Therapy is unique and absolutely unlike any other therapy. This Yogi treatment is particularly suitable for people with emotional or mental problems as it works from the soul to the body.

Unresolved and unconscious blockages are rediscovered and concluded. Whenever you are limited in your freedom and liveliness by behavioural patterns, anxiety, depression and emotional roller coasters, a treatment with the energy stream impulses offers a gentle way to recognise and let go of the true reason behind.

Once these energetic blockages clear, you are able to feel deep joy, lightness and happiness.

After my energy stream therapy session I felt beautifully re-aligned and revived. Petra’s work is refreshingly complimentary to talking therapies and allows for a gentle exploration of the non-verbal spaces within.

Werner V., Psychotherapist

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Body Therapy

Body Therapy improves your posture, eases aches and pains, influences your emotional and mental well-being, and touches dimensions far beyond what the human mind can grasp.

With Body Therapy regions in the body are treated which you are unable to access anymore due to disconnection of the nervous system. Tensions release; feelings of joy and liberation are experienced.

After the Body Therapy treatment I felt completely relaxed and at one with myself. It has worked wonders for me after a stressful day, restoring my mind to a clear, peaceful and happy one. Being a Yogi myself, I felt even more deeply relaxed than after a 90 minute session of Yoga!

Judith G., Personal Trainer

The Energy Stream Therapy heals from the soul to the body.
The Body Therapy heals from the body to the soul.

About me

My name is Petra Gericke. I am a Yogi living in the beautiful Wiltshire countryside. During my own search for health, truth and peace I had the immense blessing to meet my beloved  teacher Friedrich Wagner. His teachings, meditations, guidance and initiations put me on the path to the ultimate freedom.

Providing Yogi Treatments to help people who are serious about changing their lives is part of my path, and an honour that fills me with great gratitude.

Petra with her dog Alfie at Avebury

The sessions

Both, the Energy Stream Therapy and the Body Therapy, will be done on a treatment couch. You stay fully clothed. A short test will determine which therapy would be best at the time of the session.

A session can last up to 90 minutes (taster session 45 minutes). Please allow yourself some quiet time afterwards to best process the impulses and changes.

At present, sessions are only available in Marlborough, Wiltshire.

Invest in your health and future happiness! 

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Taster session for £ 45