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I am a fully qualified and dedicated therapist for Energy Stream Therapy and Body Therapy, as well as a Nutrition coach.  I am known for my down to earth approach, humour and open heart.

My sessions are characterised by deep meditation and guidance.
Being a nutrition coach I advocate a low carbohydrate diet. Visit freeofsugar.com for more information.

Petra with her dog Alfie at Avebury

How I became a Yogi

My life journey had some life-changing corner stones. The most important one was my hip problem starting when I was teenager and which was eventually improved by an artificial hip. This physical handicap  had also an effect in many aspects on my life. For example people don’t take you serious when you are limping (my perception at the time).

But I wanted to fulfil my dreams and not be held back. My thirst for adventure and rebellion kept me going.  Giving up and living a boring life was not an option. So I tried lots of different therapies, e.g. Rolfing, Gespraechstherapy, NLP, Eurythmy, Family Constellation…

All of them had their merits but none of them touched my heart and gave me the breakthrough. I could not fully understand, let go and heal.

With One Light Healing Touch™ the spiritual world opened to me and I did lots and lots of healing work for myself and clients.

In 2009 the magic happened – I met Friedrich, and experienced and learned his therapies, Energy Stream Therapy and Body Therapy.

The deep healings I received from other Yogis, meditations, yoga, retreats and initiations have changed my life profoundly. I understand so much more, and trust in what is.

And my hip? Doesn’t bother me at all anymore!

I am still walking the path, experiencing the truth, learning what is still hiding it, bit by bit, letting go more and more, becoming one, meditation by meditation. The journey never ends as eternity never ends.

My humble gratitude goes to Friedrich Wagner, to Jagat Guru Shankaracharya Shri Swami Swaroopanand Ji Maharaj, all Shankaracharyas and especially all the amazing Yogis at the Wagner Institute.

I have trained at the:

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