Energy Stream Therapy

The gentle way of feeling, understanding and letting go

Remember who you really are

Remember a situation where you felt really relaxed, content and at peace with yourself and the world. This was not just a feeling, it was a state of being. Now imagine you have this state of being more often, maybe every day. Now imagine this state of just being evolves constantly to deeper levels, deeper relaxation, deeper peace.

On each level you still have to face physical, mental and/or emotional problems. They show you what you haven’t understood yet, thus haven’t let go of yet. These problems can manifest in different ways, e.g. in your health, your home or working environment.

The spiritual path is to look at them (not fight them), accept and understand them until they go as if they never existed. Then you move deeper in the awareness of who you really are.

The Energy Stream Therapy embodies the teachings of the spiritual path and supports you on your journey.

Energy Stream Therapy by Friedrich Wagner® is also known under the German name “Energiebahnarbeit mit dem Gläschenkasten”.

Experience the secrets of life

Pure divine consciousness can be experienced in its five qualities (streams): bliss, peace, clarity, love and happiness. Look into the eyes of a newborn and you can see them all.

Unpleasant experiences in your early childhood cause blockages which blanket these qualities, and the older you become the less you find access to them. Instead, you live with anxiety, stress, depression, aggression, relationship problems, and more.

The subtle impulses of the Energy Stream Therapy help you in a gentle way to feel and re-discover the streams of consciousness – to heal the wounds of your life and beyond. It is as if a long guarded secret is revealed.

Experiencing the qualities of consciousness enables you to understand the aspects of your life so you can relax, find your inner balance, be free and develop your full potential.

Pedestal Decorated with Dancing Nataraja
Mudra Hand Gesture in Bronze

Example: Love

You may have experienced unconditional love from your mother. You may know the feeling of love for your partner or child. You may be searching for the big love in your life.
Have you noticed that this love often is dependent on something? I love you as long as you… I love you because I need you… I love you because you provide the lifestyle I want.
As soon as the loved person doesn’t fulfil your illusion, the feeling of love quickly changes into other feelings.

Love expressed in one of the Energy Stream’s qualities doesn’t need another being to exist. It is not dependent on any person, object or circumstances. It is within you, or better it runs through you. There is no need to add somebody or something. It is complete as it is.

The impulses of the Energy Stream Therapy let you feel absolute Love, and consciously or unconsciously you will understand that everything else is just an illusion. The search for dependent love can cease. From now on you are able to meet a partner free of any burdens, at eye level, and without any demands or expectations.

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