Healing the cause instead of the symptom

Disaster control by modern medicine, but shouldn’t it be more?

Our modern busy world places great demands on people expecting them to function all the time, at work, in the family and society. When an illness appears most people use modern medicine for quick relief and recovery by treating the immediate symptoms with medication, an operation or radio/chemotherapy, thus enabling them to keep up with their (what they think) life’s demands.

After the body is restored the person goes back into the old routine with the same life style and the same behaviour and thought patterns. The chance to learn and develop from the problem behind the symptom is lost.

Until next time when the body creates the illness again if not with the original symptom then with a new one, again and again and each time with stronger signs or symptoms. The illness continues to return so long until the message it carries is understood and dealt with. To recognise this and take responsibility for themselves is the first step into the holistic re-covering process.

Healing the cause is a school for life

Healing the cause, not just the symptom, is a school for life, a holistic learning process. It does not replace modern medicine but compliments it. Conditioning’s, deep traumas or illusions are held in our organism and over a long period of time manifest themselves as an illness.

In the beginning we accepted the conditioning’s, traumas or illusions to avoid feeling the pain involved and got on with life. The new accepted restrictions are a less painful variation than the original cause and over time even feel “normal”.

However, the cause is stored in the cells and organs and as you may know from other experiences, the more you ignore it the stronger it gets. A holistic healing happens by facing, and most importantly understanding the cause of the illness. Then the illness is no longer just an issue of the body or mind but a guide to deep contact with yourself, respectively to well-being and happiness.

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