Body Therapy

Straight posture, deep relaxation, more energy

From Normal to True state

Your body connects negative experiences with tension and establishes a protection mechanism leading to restrictions which over time results in incorrect posture and organ diseases.

The nervous system can only compensate but not correct the problem as it is disconnected from the area. You get used to it and perceive this as normal state.

Body Therapy is essentially a treatment that unblocks and releases your tightly hold negative experiences and manifests your true state with a profound and lasting effect on the physical, emotional and mental condition.

Body Therapy by Friedrich Wagner® is also known under the German name “Körperarbeit”.

Feeling of relief and incredible lightness

Due to hands-on working on the muscles, connective tissues, bones, nervous system and blood vessels you will feel pain and its release at the moment of contact.

When the pain is gone a feeling of relief and incredible lightness stays. Through the whole session you are always in charge about how deep the session work may go.

The treatment gives you a feeling of well-being, but more fundamentally, it will also trigger a deep healing process -a true turning point for you.

It’s different, and it’s effective because
Body Therapy ...


... is the only alternative treatment to harness together all holistic disciplines tackling ingrained problems on all physical, emotional and mental levels.

Skeletal structure

... is particularly powerful because it works to re-align the skeletal structure, thus releasing long-established psychological and physical restrictions.

Nervous system

... involves working on the nervous system to re-establish the self-healing capacity and manifest the regeneration.

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Taster session for £ 45