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Petra Gericke

Mrs Petra Gericke, born 1965 in Germany, is a fully qualified, exceptional and dedicated therapist for Bodywork and Energy Streams Therapy, and a Nutrition coach. Petra's journey started with providing spirituell healings and distance healings for clients and homes. Petra is known for her down to earth approach, humour and open heart. Petra’s sessions are characterised by deep meditation and guidance. Being a nutrition coach Petra keeps and advocates a low carbohydrate diet; see more information here www.freeofsugar.com.

petra gericke

Practice in Marlborough (Wiltshire) 

Support worldwide via skype and email.

Do you need support on your journey through life? I would be happy to hear from you. Please contact me either by phone or email.

mobile: +44 (0) 7717 152 772




Petra Gericke has trained at the:

Wagner Institute for New Medicine Frankfurt
Schule des Menschen plus courses with Ron Lavin
Healthy & Active London
Metabolic Balance Germany